So many times in life, I didn’t get something I wanted, something I thought was perfect for me. I see now that those things I thought I needed, were exactly what I didn’t need. Even if you can’t understand it now, be humble about letting those disappointments go and accept that it may be for the best.

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"Well, don’t put a restraining order on me because I’m not really good at following them! Restraining WHAT?!"

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"I can’t take your hand and lead you to the water I can’t make you feel What you don’t feel, but you know you wanna Find out how to crack me Log in try to hack me…" - GD

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@ddlovato: Just finished a meet and greet. Someone legitimately got nervous and farted on me. I guess there’s a first time for everything.. Right? 😳💩

But hey.. 💩 happens ya know? {insp.}

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Dylan O’Brien for Elle Magazine


Dylan O’Brien for Elle Magazine

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The Big Bang Theory cast on Instagram.

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